Dear Vance Stevens,
We have received 495 nominations for The Top 100 Language Blogs 2010 competition. For each of the four categories we have admitted 100 blogs into the voting phase. Your blog ‘adVancEducation’ ( is included for voting in the 'Language Technology' category. Congratulations! 

As stated in our language blog Lexiophiles, 50% of the final score will be based on user votes. You can promote your blog by embedding the above voting button in your page. Simply add the code to a blog post  so that your readers can vote for you directly:

The voting phase starts today, May 12th, and ends on May 24th 2010. Winners will be announced May 28th.
Good luck!
on behalf of the and Lexiophiles team

This is the first I've heard of Lexiophiles but a visit to their site reveals why they started this competition:

It seems they are in the position of recommending blogs related to language and language learning, and to corroborate their own choices they decided to ask their followers to vote on their favorite blogs.

To my knowledge this is the first time my blog has been nominated for anything, so I'm flattered if not deeply honored. I don't think I will go to any great effort to request that people in my network vote for my blog.  If I were to make the Lexiophile list of 100 best blogs related to language and language learning I would be head over heels, but I would prefer to win strictly on merits; whereas if I asked my network to vote for me and even that did not yield the desired results, I would have lost two popularity contests :-)

But if you happen by here and think it's a blog worth voting for, that would be great, and you should be able to do that by clicking on the button (and then scrolling through the list to find AdVancEducation near the top, ticking in the radio button, then scrolling down and clicking "Vote" :-)