Sunday, July 29, 2007

Writingmatrix Update

I have recently returned from a brief holiday in France and Spain after delivering a series of lectures which I documented at There you can find links to Elluminate recordings of the lectures, links to the slide shows, and texts of the lectures I gave (more or less) illustrated with the graphics from the slide shows. Eventually Bobbi and I will link photos from our trip from there.

Meanwhile, the Writingmatrix project is getting interesting. This morning, Webheads held their usual chat at noon GMT this morning (each Sunday noon GMT for the past 8 years) in Tapped In . This morning some of the chat was about Writingmatrix. Webheads are bloggers and are very interested in this project. Some said they would like to join us at a live chat to be held later this evening (in the USA; Monday a.m. in Europe/Middle East, Asia).

Now, why am I writing all of this here? The reason is I wish to conduct an experiment. I am going to TAG this post writingmatrix and webheads. Then it should appear in the Technorati searches on those tags at the following URLs:

In this way, anyone who is already in the project and who has put the RSS feed of the output from those searches in the aggregator (like Bloglines) will be able to find this post.

The second part of the experiment is to acknowledge the work of one of the students, Matias Basilico, who has left some interesting posts on the concepts that make Writingmatrix effective in helping students in different parts of the world find each other's writing and collaborate on it.

The concept being experimented here is that of Pingback. By linking to Matias's posts in this way he should be alerted in his blog. There should be a link in his blog back to this posting.

And there is! Have a look below his posts. So it works!

And also I want to see what this code does. Technorati says: See your posts here
To contribute to this page, include this code in your blog post:

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Saša said...

Hi Vance! I was alerted to this post because I'm subscribed to your blog in Google Reader. This post however does not appear on my Technorati writingmatrix feed in Bloglines nor on my Technorati webheadsinaction feed in Google Reader. I went to Technorati and ran a search in tags for 'writingmatrix', 'webheads in action' and 'webheads' but did not find your post there. Any idea why?
Warm regards from Slovenia