Monday, April 28, 2008

Carla Arena Interviews AdVancEducation for a class project. Like, wow!

I didn't expect a lot from this when Carla asked me if I would record something about Abu Dhabi, the city where I live, for the benefit of an online class that she teaches. I wrote back that I had no idea where to begin, and could she just Skype me and ask me some questions. So she did, and produced the most charming blog posting:

Of course you can hear the recording at Carla's blog. Amazingly, the posting has attracted well over a dozen comments.

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testecarla said...

Dear Vance,

I'll never get tired to thank you for your generosity! It was, indeed, a great talk, and I'm sure my students will love it. I've added a bit of suspense to it, as we're just in the pre-activity group discussion about what they know about Abu Dhabi, and I haven't showed them the audio yet. Let's see what happens!

As for the interest generated, I think it's because our interview was short, informative, cultural and can be easily added to any EFL/ESL classroom. Of course, we can't forget your great ability as a communicator! It has even given me an idea of small webcasts with friends around the globe, something like "People and Places". Let's see what happens. I've already talked to Cris Costa about it, and it's a blossoming idea.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!