Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Screencasting via UTipU

I created my first UTipU video today. Thanks Nellie for the good tip, worked very well!


I wanted to see the button that can be generated. That's it above, not that impressive. I wish it could say what it was. In any event, the video, about creating animations in PowerPoint (now I'll bet you REALLY wanna watch it !! ;-) is here: That link offers you a download (free, and well worth the bandwidth).


Unknown said...

Wow. Tipu is really viral :) Great screencast.

Jim Buckingham said...

Hi Vance
Thanks for sharing. I checked this out .. and it looks very similar to Jing. If you haven't already .. check it out .. Same utility, but some differences in the variety of options that you can realize. I've only had a cursory look at Tipu but Jing seemed to have more. I'm currently making Jing a focus of my work in October.