Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Frappr Map for Writingmatrix and thewebisflat

I'm placing here a Frappr map looking for a home. I'm putting it here so I can tag it (label it) writingmatrix and thewebisflat. From those two tags, I'm hoping that Technorati will be able to locate it in conjunction with two of my projects:

If you are involved in either of these projects, please add yourself to the map here!


DamijanLikar said...

Hi, Vance!

It is really nice to get comments from someone so far away and it's nice to meet you too.

The baby picture that I use, was made by my friend Ales many years ago for fun, when we were using old and slow i486 PC's, so I keep using it for old time sake...

I have visited this (Yours) blog and posted the same comment here and in my blog...

All the best to you and your family.

Bee said...

Vance...maybe you should open the comment area to people who have different blogging platforms. Although I do have an account with gmail and have used Blogger, I am presently using Wordpress and yet I am obliged to comment here as a Blogger user :-(
Warm regards,


Vance Stevens said...

Thanks Damijan for your comments. And thanks Bee for yours. In response to the latter, I have done as you suggested. You can now comment without logging it. I turned word verification on. It really annoys me but I feel it's necessary as a counter to spammers. I hope this is more convenient than having to log on though. Thanks for logging in anyway and leaving me a comment - Vance