Saturday, June 9, 2007

Testing testing technorati 1,2,3 ....

I'm making what I think is great headway on the text of my three lectures for the Summer Course in Spain coming up July 11-13 in San Sebastian, Basque country (I think it's great but I'm a week over deadline arghh). I'm writing this text out here:

It's called Basque2 because it's the second lecture. Later a first lecture will be added, and parts of this one will become lecture 3.

In the course of writing all this out, as with the Writingmatrix project, I'm learning as I go. What I have just learned was the impetus for this post, and that is ...

Technorati says it will give me a feed on blog postings tagged Writingmatrix if I plop this code in my blog. Let's see what it does:

I have discovered (hint from Robin's presentation, below) that if I use the above link and choose to See All (all 1000 postings tagged writingmatrix) then I will discover at the top of that page a SUBSCRIBE link. If I right click on that and copy the link location, then I get: Now, I can simply copy that FEED link and ADD it to my Bloglines account, and now I can track through Bloglines the moment that ANYone in our group makes a posting tagged 'writingmatrix'. Try it!

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Saša said...

Wonderful! Thanks.