Monday, December 24, 2007

Ustream I stream we all stream for Worldbridges

We had a great time at the usual Webheads weekly chatfest last night. Nelba is thinking to organize a blog camp in Argentina and has put it on the agenda for our next weekly chatfest (Dec 30, 2007, noon GMT at and WiZiQ), Bee is filling her sabbatical with an itinerary of such events starting with one like this one, and which she describes more thoroughly here:; and of course there were overtones of multicultural holiday foods and music. Many people seem to appreciate the 'musical gift' Dennis offered here: (hope he's got trackback in; he'll see that I've linked to his post!).

Afterwards, some of us moved over to Worldbridges at where we had a play-about with Jeff has archived the event at and at the WebcastAcademy Solstice 2007 Webcastathon archive. Here are a few links associated with the recording (if you can't get it to play, try: 'Open in a Popup Window'):

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