Thursday, January 17, 2008

Future of Learning in a Networked World

I had the good opportunity this January 16-19 (2008) to take part in an interesting peripatetic unconference, the second annual run of the TALO-sponsored Future of Learning in a Networked World, a traveling road show that got under way about that time in Bangkok, Thailand.
I happened to have this week with no students and with nothing more worthy to do, and so I flew to Thailand at my own expense to engage in an act of edu-tourism, and share with many educators and students in that country whatever expertise I have in return for 'gala' evening meals and other gestures of good-will.
On Jan 16 we were at the International School of Bangkok, an incredibly well resourced educational setting where we met Kim Colino and Justin Medved Kim is going to appear on Women of Web 2.0 this Wednesday January 22, and when she does I'll put the link to the podcast here (at the moment their archive reaches up to Jan 8, but Kim's chat will likely be linked from here:
Some of the artifacts we produced from this session were:
Also, there was at least one blog posting on the session at This link will create a 'trackback' to Mr. Harrison's post, assuming that he has the feature turned on. A trackback is where his blog informs him each time that someone else in the blogosphere links to one of his posts (he'll see links to this post, and any others linking to him). The trackbacks generally appear beneath a blog post under the heading: Links to this post. When someone references this post with a link to it, for example, their blog pings mine, and the link where the ping originated is appended to my blog.

There are more links, updated in June 2013, here:

I used this post to show the folks at SUT how to embed the Ustream recording here, and also how to edit the all important TAGS or "labels" for this post.

My students want to see how to do this so to show them I'm embedding the code here for my slide show</>

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